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Scouting is all about education for life. Our dynamic, challenging and adventurous program equips young people with life skills such as team work and leadership, and gives them the tools to develop into strong, resilient adults and valuable members of the community.

Life-long self development and learning

Over the past century, more than a billion young people have been “learning by doing” through the global Scouting movement.

Instead of learning in a formal way, our members have been getting their hands dirty, independently solving problems and learning from their mistakes. We emphasise active learning for young people through adventure and challenge.

At Scouts, children learn life skills such as independent thinking, leadership and problem solving skills, social interaction and responsibility. They experience weekly physically and intellectually challenging activities in the Scout hall, outdoor activities such as bushwalking and water sports, and large-scale events such as Jamborees, where Scouts from around Australia and the World come together.

If you have been involved with Scouts in the past, you will find that some activities have changed and are more modern. However, the essence of Scouting remains on having fun, outdoor adventure and a strong sense of community.

A family affair

Scouting is an ideal activity for the whole family. Sons and daughters can be involved and parents are encouraged to join in with activities and become helpers, supporters or Leaders. Scouting can be an amazing experience for parents. Join your child’s Scout Group on outdoor activities, family camps and outings – and learn new skills like abseiling and canoeing.

A sense of belonging

Scouting can help you gain a strong sense of belonging to your local community, and through your active involvement, you make a direct and worthwhile contribution. Also, you will enjoy a wider social life and an established peer network with other parents, carers and adults involved with Scouting in your area.  It creates an extended family.

Leadership training

Scouting has its own Registered Training Organisation (RTO), which offers a range of qualifications. Venturers, Rovers and adult Leaders can ask for their existing training to be acknowledged, and they can receive a qualification that’s recognised by employers around Australia. Many parents participate in leadership training that widens their personal and professional opportunities.

Top 5 Reasons Kids Should Join Scouts

According to the Australian Rural Doctor, the key reason children should join Scouts is because they learn about leadership, planning and preparing themselves and others.

A second reason kids should join Scouts is because Scouts are encouraged to become independent thinkers with an emphasis on initiative and problem solving. Joining Scouts can also expand children’s horizons through allowing them to make friends from other countries as well as participating in student exchange programs, aid programs and international conferences. Children learn to look after themselves – they learn how to cook and wash their own clothes. Finally, kids are not wrapped in cotton wool. They learn to push their limits in the company of friends, in a controlled and risk-managed environment.

To read the full article in the Australian Rural Doctor click here

Scouts are separated into age-based Sections –

Joey Scouts (6-7)

Cub Scouts (*8-10)

Scouts (*11-14)

Venturer Scouts (*15-17)

Rover Scouts (18-25)

with each Section taking more responsibility for their own activities as they progress.(* The Commencement for advancement in Sections may vary up to six months.).

All Sections share a steady diet of self-respect, confidence, leadership, teamwork, creativity, environmental awareness and community involvement, and there are plenty of events and activities in which everyone can get involved together.

For more information, browse the pages above or call our leaders:

  • Venturer Leader Karen 0400 843 494
  • Scout Leader Karen 0400 843 494
  • Cub Leader Zane 0404 003 221
  • Joey Leader – currently vacant 

Scouts Australia couldn’t provide such amazing experiences for young people without a huge group of dedicated and enthusiastic adult volunteers. If you’re aged 18 or over, why not contact your local Group and find out how you can rediscover adventure too? It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been a Scout… we’ll teach you everything you need to know!

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