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Why enrol your child in Scouts? 

By enrolling your child in Scouts you are giving them the opportunity for a fun, educational experience above & beyond what the school system offers.  In this respect, Scouting is often referred to as non-formal or experiential education.  Scouting has the aim of developing young people physically, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally & socially.  Children are accepted into Scouting from 6 years of age and may continue through the different sections until they are young adults at age 26.  Scouting emphasizes nature, adventure, teamwork, citizenship, leadership & of course having fun.  From the Cub Section onwards, young people are gradually given more opportunity to work in small autonomous (but supervised) groups in order to develop leadership skills.

What is a Scout Group?

A Scout Group is an organisation that offers different levels of Scouting to various ages.  A full Scout Group consists of five Sections – a Joey Mob, Cub Scout Pack, Scout Troop, a Venturer Unit & a Rover Crew.  Each Mob, Pack, Troop or Unit is managed by a Leader who is helped by Assistant Leaders & in the Joey Scout & Cub Scout sections, parent helpers are encouraged to support the Leader.  The Group as a whole is managed & guided by a personal known as the Group Leader.  At Swansea we cater for Joeys, Cubs & Scouts, with the plan to extend into a Venturer Unit in 2014.  When we talk about ‘Scouting’ we are talking about Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers & Leaders.

Swansea Scout Group has been in the area since 1928 & as such is one of the oldest Groups in our area.

How did Scouting start?

Scouting has officially been in existence since 1907 & in Australia since 1908. It was originally started by Robert Baden-Powell to cater for children’s sense of adventure & love of independence, & to channel these characteristics into appropriate activities which will equip them for later life.  When Lord Robert Baden-Powell (or BP) returned from the War he found the youth of the British Isles playing games, which had been taken from a handbook he had written for army scouts. “BP” was persuaded to rewrite his book & named it ‘Scouting for Boys’, & so Scouting began.

Scouting has spread right around the world & is currently active in over 216 countries with more than 26 million members. Scouting is not affiliated with any particular religion, nor is membership of a church a prerequisite of joining the Movement. Through our program we seek to encourage in young people attributes which will stand them in good stead throughout the rest of their lives, such as initiative, self-reliance, responsibility, respect & consideration of others, while taking into consideration the level of development of the age group & of individuals.

Originally a ‘boys own’ organisation, the Scout Movement has expanded its program to include girls.  In 1989 the Movement became of mixed membership through all Sections.  Scouting is a formula that has survived for over 100 years! The principals of Scouting have proven to be just as relevant today as they were when Scouting began. In fact Scouting is experiencing a surge in membership & growth everywhere.

Becoming a Uniformed Leader

Scout Leaders are volunteers from the community, often the parents of Scout-age children, who have an interest in developing young people’s potential.  Leaders are put through a rigorous selection & training process. All potential Leaders are given full police & referee checks, then supervised & trained fully before they are able to work with young people on their own.

Did you know that Scouts is an accredited training organisation?

Often the courses & training Leaders receive may be used in your career or work environment.  Swansea Scouts will always welcome new Leaders.  Leadership may not be for everyone, but if it interests you, please speak to any one of the Leaders.  They will tell you that they get just as much fun out of it as the kids & a very real sense of achievement, as well as doing something worthwhile for our young people & the community.  Becoming a Leader of Youth is workthwhile & personally rewarding.

How do you join?

Easy.  First, come & see for yourself. Your child is welcome to attend Scouts on a trial basis for 4 weeks. After the initial 4 weeks, should your child decide to become a Scout, you will need to pay the joining & registration fees. Your child will then be invested as a member of Scouts Australia.  Please note: Due to legal & insurance reasons, you will need to complete an ‘Application for Youth Membership’ form (Y1) before your child can participate in any Scout outings. This will give automatic insurance cover for your child whilst they are ‘trying out’ Scouts. A1 forms (Permission notes) must also be completed for all activities that are done away from the Scout Hall. Parents who assist with the Scout group are also required to sign an A1 Activity Notification Form.

Fee structure for new youth members consists of :

  • NSW Branch/ Swansea Scout Group joining fee for Scouts & Cubs $50 (a one-off payment), & for Joeys this is $40.
  • Term fees

Naturally, with Scouting being fundamentally an outdoors-based program, from time to time there will be pack holidays, camps, hikes etc.  The cost of these activities is an extra expense but you can be sure that our aim is to keep the price of such activities down to a minimum.

The Joining fee must be paid at the time paperwork is filled out & handed back in to your child’s leader.  Term fees are due shortly after the beginning of each term upon receipt of an invoice from our Treasurer.  This invoice will detail payment options, but our preferred method is via Direct Deposit to the following bank account.


BSB 650-000  ACCOUNT NUMBER 962329106


If you have difficulties paying fees please see your Leader as there are options that have been put in place for this purpose.


Parent Involvement

Scouting is a voluntary organisation & we rely heavily on parent support. Obviously the level of support given will depend on the individual circumstances of each family. Each section required different levels of supervision & assistance.  As Joeys are the youngest, parents are generally expected to help out on the night & are also required to attend camps with their children.  Cubs only need a little parent assistance on Cub nights but extra helps are frequently required on camps to help with cooking & other activities. Scouts are more self-sufficient & parents are only required to help with transport to & from events & with unpacking the group trailer at the end of camps.

Areas in which you can help:

  • Transport – Occasionally the children will need to be transported to various activities included in our program.
  • Maintenance of the Scout Hall – It is important that the place in which our children gather is clean, hygienic & safe.  Assistance is required to ensure this is the case through a parent cleaning & mowing roster & the occasional working bee.
  • Parent Roster – Leaders can always do with an extra pair of hands, eyes & ears. If we call for a little extra help, it is good to know that there are parents willing to assist.
  • Attendance at Group Support Meetings – The parent Group Support Committee is essential to the success of the Scout Group as a whole. Meetings are held approximately twice a term & they allow you the opportunity to stay informed of all the happenings within the Group.  We ask that at least one family member attend these meetings.  The only other meeting that we ask you to attend is our Group Annual General Meeting that is usually held in first term.

The Scout Group is entirely self-funded.  The expenses of a Scout Group are various.  The Group meets the cost of maintaining camping equipment in first class, safe condition as well as paying for & maintaining the Scout Hall itself.  There are also Leader training costs, which are met by the Group. As well as the general Group running costs, there is the cost of providing new equipment & resources such as tents, ropes, cooking gear, games equipment etc.


From the night he or she is invested, your child will be expected to wear full uniform – Joey/Cub/Scout shirt, dark blue shorts, Joey/Cub hat, woggle (supplied when invested), dark blue short socks (available from Coles etc), black shoes (school shoes are ok) & in winter they need a dark blue sloppy joe or Scout zip up jacket & black track pants (NO OTHER COLOURS) or Scout long pants.  Shirts & extra Scout branded clothing can be purchased online through the Scout Shop:

We have a range of shirt sizes to try on to help choose the correct size. Please ask your Leader.

Our group also has its own Group t-shirt (yellow) that we wear when we don’t have to wear our uniform. This can be purchased for $30 from your child’s leader.  A scarf & badges will be given to your child at their investiture. Correct placement of these badges can be found here.

General Information

Joeys (ages 6 -7) is currently in recess and looking for a new leader 
Cubs (ages 8-10) is on Wednesday night 6.30pm – 8.00pm
Scouts (ages 11-14) is on Monday night 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Venturers (ages 15-18) is on Monday night 7.00 – 9.00pm – rotates location around the Lake Macquarie District

New members are always welcome.

For further information check out the appropriate page for your child’s age

Please print off & return the following forms to join Scouting:

Youth Membership Application

  • Swansea Scout Group Australia